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  1. What is Ramp ?

    RAMP (Residents Administrative Management Portal)
    A smart cloud based solution that simplify the management responsibilities of Residents Association Executives, Facility Managers and multi-property owners. Offering a super way for them to connect & interact with their residents & tenants..

  2. What are the benefits of RAMP ?

    • Easy to learn & deploy
    • Saves time & fast
    • Neat & Simple User Interface
    • Accessible on both Desktop & Mobile Devices

  3. How can Residents Association Executives and Facility Managers use RAMP ?

    RAMP provides a host of Administration tools that helps the association Executives and facility Managers to ensure smooth functioning of their association and estates/Apartment complex. Please visit the features section here to see the tools that are currently available.


  4. Can i use the RAMP App if my residents or neighbourhood association is not on RAMP ?

    Yes you can, but to gain access all the features that the RAMP App has to offer we advice you get your Resident Executives to subscribe. Please visit here to get started.


  5. How Secured is RAMP ?

    RAMP uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the entire transmission of data between your browser and our server. Also our administrator portal comes with access level control features so the information of your apartment is only visible to the Administrators and no other users of RAMP, unless you chose to make it public. Even within the same facility, the information is visible based on the roles of the user.

    Only administrators can view all the information related to a resident. Members with other roles can see only that information that is needed.
    We don’t sell or in any way make your contact details available to any third party for any reason what so ever.
    We do not store your bank account details. We only record and store payments made by a member and reflect on our site for your reporting.

  6. Can I upgrade from one plan to another ?



  7. What is the price for using RAMP ?

    T here are three different pricing plans for RAMP. A trial edition to get started and then paid editions. You can try the features before you subscribe to RAMP. For more information, please visit our pricing page..

  8. How does RAMP works ?

    There are two ends as to how RAMP works, one being the cloud form and the other the mobile form. The cloud end is basically administrator based, they can perform all administrative functions using the administrator dashboard. While the mobile App is Residents based, creating a convenient platform that enables them to interact with their administrators in a timely and less stressful manager. Although the mobile application is residents based, Administrators can still perform some selected task such as: send SMS, Emails, Push notifications and prepare invoices using the RAMP mobile App.


  9. What is the difference between the Whitelabelled and the Generic RAMP App ?

    While They can both perform the required RAMP task, the whitelabelled version is


  10. How do I sign-up ?

    Set up a RAMP account using these three easy steps:

    • Sign up with RAMP
    •Choose a preferred RAMP package
    •Activate account . Here's how to get started

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